David E. White

55 Bow Street, Arlington, MA 02474
Professional Experience
Recent Activities


G-W Associates, Arlington, MA
Principal, 1985 to Present
Engineering and environmental analysis. Design and development of computer software. for scientific and engineering analysis. Design and implementation of database systems. Consulting on management information systems and operations research applications. Training and documentation for computer applications.

Synapse Energy Economics, Inc., Cambridge, MA
Senior Associate, 1996 to present:
Consulting on issues of energy economics, environmental impacts, and utility regulatory policy, including electric industry restructuring, electric power system planning, performance-based regulation, stranded costs, system benefits, market power, mergers and acquisitions, generation asset valuation and divestiture, nuclear and fossil power plant costs and performance, renewable resources, green marketing of electricity, environmental disclosure, climate change policy, environmental externalities valuation, energy conservation and demand-side management, electric power system reliability, avoided costs, fuel prices, dispatch modeling, economic analysis of power plants and resource plans, and risk analysis.

Tellus Institute, Boston, MA
Associate Scientist, 1980 to 1986:
Participated in a number of electrical demand forecast studies, specializing in the evaluation of the potential for energy conservation and co-generation. Developed methodologies and computer programs for evaluating energy conservation policies.
Developed a computer modeling system (LEAP) for evaluating the resource needs of developing countries. Participated in international energy planning studies and conducted training programs in a number of African and European countries.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Energy Laboratory, Cambridge, MA
Research Associate, 1975 to 1980
Participated in a several energy policy studies which evaluated the future demand and supply for electricity in the US. Designed and developed a mathematical programming model of the US coal and electric utility industries.

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The University of Akron
B.S. Physics

Case-Western Reserve University
M.S. Physics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ph.D. 1980, Engineering Systems, Department of Civil Engineering,

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Recent Activities

David White is a consulting engineer specializing in computer-based analysis of energy and environmental systems. He has a Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Civil Engineering Systems specializing in environmental studies, and B.S. and M.S. degrees in Physics. He has had over 20 years' experience as a consultant focusing primarily on energy and environmental issues with a a focus on utility company operations with the MIT Energy Laboratory, Tellus Institute and Synapse. He has undertaken a wide range of U.S. and international studies evaluating energy usage, developing energy forecasts, evaluating conservation opportunities and assessing environmental impacts.

In addition to engineering and statistical analysis, Dr. White has designed and developed over the years a number of computer models for evaluating energy and environmental systems many of which are still in active use. Some recent computer models have been EXMOD for evaluating the impacts and externalties from power plants, and ELMO for evaluating the market power potential of electric utility systems. Other recent work has been the development of a methodology for tracking the environmental characteristics associated with deregulated electricity sales which is being considered by a number of ISO's. The results of these models have provided the basis for a number of reports and testimonies.

Dr. White has also worked on a number of non-energy software development projects and has taught computer software and modeling courses at a number of Boston area universities.

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Avoided Energy-Supply Costs for Demand-Side Management Screening in Massachusetts, a Resource Insight report for the AESC Study Group, by Rachel Brailove, Paul Chernick, Susan Geller, Bruce Biewald, and David White, July 7, 1999.

Stranded Nuclear Waste: Implications of Electric Industry Deregulation for Nuclear Plant Retirements and Funding for Decommissioning and Spent Fuel, by Bruce Biewald and David White, January 15, 1999.

The Role of Ozone Transport In Reaching Attainment in the Northeast: Opportunities, Equity and Economics, a Synapse Energy Economics report for the Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management, by Tim Woolf, David White, Bruce Biewald, and William Moomaw, July 1998.

Grandfathering and Environmental Comparability: An Economic Analysis of Air Emission Regulations and Electricity Market Distortions, a Synapse Energy Economics report for the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, by Bruce Biewald, David White, Tim Woolf, Frank Ackerman, and William Moomaw, June 11, 1998.

Analysis of Market Power in the APS and Duquesne Service Territories, prepared for the Maryland Office of People's Counsel, by Bruce Biewald and David White, February 9, 1998.

Horizontal Market Power in New England Electricity Markets: Simulation Results and a Review of NEPOOL's Analysis, prepared for the New England Conference of Public Utility Commissioners, by Bruce Biewald, David E. White, and William Steinhurst, June 11, 1997 (a draft was published as Vermont DPS Technical Report No. 39 in March, 1997).

Full Environmental Disclosure for Electricity: Tracking and Reporting Key Information, a Regulatory Assistance Project report funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts, the Joyce-Mertz Gilmore Foundation, the U.S. EPA, and the U.S. DOE, by David Moskovitz, Tom Austin, Cheryl Harrington, Bruce Biewald, David E. White, and Robert Bigelow, March 1997.

"Follow the Money: A Method for Tracking Electricity for Environmental Disclosure," Bruce Biewald, David White, and Tim Woolf, The Electricity Journal, May 1999.

"Implications of Premature Nuclear Plant Closures: Funding Shortfalls for Nuclear Plant Decommissioning and Spent Fuel Transportation and Storage," Bruce Biewald and David White, prepared for the United States Association for Energy Economics and International Association for Energy Economics, 19th Annual North American Conference, Albuquerque, NM, October 1998.

"Counting the Costs: Scientific Uncertainty and Valuation Perspective in EXMOD," Stephen Bernow, Bruce Biewald, William Dougherty, and David White, presented at technical meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria, December 4-8, 1995.

New York State Environmental Externalities Cost Study, a Hagler Bailly Consulting report prepared for the Empire State Electric Energy Research Corporation (ESEERCO), by R.D. Rowe, C.M. Lang, L.G. Chestnut, D.A. Latimer, D.A. Rae, S.M. Bernow, D.E. White, Oceana Publications, December 1995.

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