C++ Programming



C++ Programming Essentials, CT931C

Instructor: David E. White, Ph.D. 

Bentley College - Center for Executive and Professional Education

Prerequisite: Knowledge of C required. 


Learn the concepts of object oriented programming with C++.
Develop applications using Visual C++. 

This course introduces programming in C++. The course starts with an introduction to the concepts of object oriented programming and dynamic memory usage. Then object oriented concepts and examples are implemented in the context of using Visual C++.  Hands-on experience in the computer lab and regular programming exercises provide the opportunity to put theory into practice. A final project integrates the material covered.


Introduction to C++
Advanced pointer operations
Introduction to Classes
Class members
Class constructors and destructors
Operator overloading
Class inheritance
Using and extending existing classes
Class and Object design principles


Beginning Visual C++ 6, Ivor Horton, WROX, 1998. 

Optional:  C++ Programming Language, B. Strousrup, Addison Wesley. 

Grading: The grading emphasizes the development of skills in series of exercises and projects. 

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